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Long Island Mopars honored our frontline healthcare workers in this extraordinary year

Please visit our HEROES page for videos of our support cruises to Stonybrook University, Long Island Community, and Huntington Hospitals


Classifieds Updated  - February 28, 2021 !!


Well what can I say !!!  It was our 15th year and it was unlike any other.  Even with the pandemic I figured  let's make the best of this. I managed  to come up with 9 or so Club events including our own Hospital Cruise to Patchogue in conjunction with Member Jim. We also participated in 2 other Hospital drive by's. One was organized by one of our Club members and the other by another car Club. Another worthy event  was a food drive that many participated in. Thanks to all !!

We still continue to grow as a Club blasting past the 1400 Member mark. Again I feel we may be the largest Mopar Club Nationwide and still dues free.

Thanks as usual to Webmaster's Lee and Andy. Currently Andy is quite driven and tirelessly learning the ropes with our 
new internet host and revamping the current website.

Thanks to Member Ed B. ( Carlisle Event Manager ) for keeping the worlds largest Mopar event going this year amid this pandemic. As always his efforts are greatly appreciated and it was nice to see something during this season that stayed the same.

Paul welcomed us back to his place 2 times this year. It's always a thrill to see what is going on in his massive shop. Pep Boy's of Commack was also generous to host us as was Auto Zone of Deer Park and Bethpage.

Extra special thanks to Member Dan who threw us a very nice BBQ as we cruised from the LIE rest stop to his place in Port Jeff. Also to Rob at Sabelli's for our year end close out. It was a mini Hooters with many Members coming down that day. 

Again thanks to all  Club members that made it to this years events.  When everyone participates we achieve a great bond ...enjoy one another's company,  and  share our passion for these great cars.  I say it's always about the Members first.

My goal's are still the same to find new locations and welcome new Members. I will continue with the Physical/Charitable cruises  ... especially out east. I encourage Members to help find new locations. A location that can hold at least 50 cars. Some examples are Auto parts stores, fast food eateries, car dealers or Restaurants. Simply ask the owner if he/she is up for a show, and get back to me... I will do the rest. To recruit new members is as easy as visiting and clicking "Join"

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2021.

If the winter looks good maybe a cruise to the beach  !!





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